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I am a graphic designer at Ideaworks Marketing and in this collaborative effort we managed to write and design a full 28 page marketing magazine. We created this with the intention of showing agencies and potential clients what we could do -  both in our writing and our design. Our featured idea was the Challenger Brand. It's a company that is not the leader in their industry, but still manages to keep up with the competition and grab clients in different ways - 5 different ways to be exact. I even wrote up a flow chart so you can try to figure out which challenger brand you are! It's on page 21!

I created the cover after group meetings about what it should be. We came up with "Challenging Goliath" as our headline - so what is more Goliath than big business in the background? I edited the photos and chose the colors to be bold and give lots of contrast - because you may not be Goliath, you're probably David, and we're rooting for you.

Above are some of my contributions to this collaborative effort.


This is the full magazine: check it out!



Updated as of: 7.18.2017
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