Festival Posters

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My first time at a festival was in 2014. Me and my best friend actually went to 2 festivals within a time span of 2 weeks. We went to Firefly and The Governor's Ball. Every year Firefly holds a poster contest to win free tickets, so in 2015 I entered in attempts to win free tickets. Did not win unfortunately, but I did win a 2015 Silver American Advertising Federation award for this poster campaign, so that's something.


This was one of my favorite projects to make. For each poster I followed the festival's branding and the feel of the festival. They are all pretty different and have different things they are known for - firefly has it's hot air balloon, the governor's ball is in NYC, and Coachella has their big Ferris wheel.


In my animation class in 2016 I revisited the Firefly poster and made it into a short video.



Updated as of: 7.18.2017
Created in Muse and Designed by Allison Simenkiewicz 2016

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