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One of the projects in an Entrepreneurship class at Wilkes University was based off the show “Shark Tank.” You know, the one where you had to invent a new or improved project and pitch it in hopes of getting money and fame and recognition for making something better than the Snuggie.

We were split into groups and had to create a pitch for professionals that came into class to judge our ideas. Troy - the appointed leader of the group - had the idea to create a website similar to LinkedIn, that had the user-friendly aspects of Craigslist, and functioned kind of like Facebook. He wanted a space where business professionals could meet without people in and out of their circles to establish partnerships based on similar interests/skills/business ideas. In theory, the person would place an "ad" looking for someone to help them with a business endeavor and someone could respond with why they would be a good match to help them. For example, they could ask for chefs to apply to work in their new start-up restaurant, and then a chef would contact them and though the site and they'd hopefully work together to make both of their dreams come true. Then eventually they could connect with an investor on the site as well, making it kind of like Kick Starter.


Of course, this was just a hypothetical business, so I just designed the front end and figured out how the pages would look (and the functionality) when you got into the site so we could look professional in our pitch.

Updated as of: 7.18.2017
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