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Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge | I Do, Blue

During my time at Ideaworks Marketing, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the charity of choice account team.  Me and one of the copy writers ran the marketing account for Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge. They are a no-kill animal shelter in Dallas, PA. This is actually where I adopted my cat from so I jumped on the opportunity to help them out with their marketing plan.


For this marketing program, we targeted people who were planning to be wed soon. We suggested that they should donated their table favors (who wants a little plastic cup or bubbles anyway) and donate the money to a good cause instead.


We created 3 different packages so people can choose how much they gave - some packages received a easel we personalized, others received a personalized, engraved brick with the couples' wedding date.


I created the entire brand and logo from scratch. Minus the little characters (sorry!) But I did put the dog in the lace at the top.



Updated as of: 7.18.2017
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