Orange Dome Engineering

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Orange Dome Engineering is a small start-up company. That created a new kind of trap machine; one that spins in 360 Degrees. Ok, for safety reasons it only goes about 330 Degrees.

This is unlike any trap machine, so I focused on creating a brand totally different from the competition. I did a lot of competitor analysis and research for this new brand. I kept the design clean, readable, and attention grabbing. Having a start up means you have to draw attention from the well-known competitors, and I think I accomplished something like that with my brochure. Completed, it is a tri-fold then folded in half - creating a 7x7 inch square panel with the logo on the outside panel. The logo is based on the 360 design of the trap with orange "O's" flying as if it was an orange clay trap bird.



Updated as of: 7.18.2017
Created in Muse and Designed by Allison Simenkiewicz 2016

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