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Vent is an urban based greeting card company that I conceptualized and then created. Inspired by the American Greetings brand JustWink, I like the idea of "talk like you talk" cards that aren't really cheesy or unrealistically sweet. I figured that someone would read a genuinely funny card versus a card that just said something lame.


The cards range from "#same" to "wow I somehow didn't realize you hated me this much." The audience I'm targeting is over 18 and is probably just going to send "hate mail" as a joke.
A joke. ha ha...


The logo is a pigeon - really bringing home the "urban" feel - while also hinting at the fact they used to carry messages to and from weird people who used pigeons like that. I named the company VENT because who doesn't love a good vent session to bring a little relief into your stress filled life. Talk about your feelings dammit!



Updated as of: 7.18.2017
Created in Muse and Designed by Allison Simenkiewicz 2016

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